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I’m quite familiar with walking around with holes.  Holes in my understanding due to experiences I’ve missed out on…like what it’s like to be cared for by a dad on this earth.  Or holes in my spirit from hard-to-heal wounds…like being told as a child, “You’re just an ugly person. Unlikable.”

But I have no idea what it’s like to live with an actual hole.

Each year in Ethiopia 9,000 women are forced to live with a very real hole in their body.  The kind of hole that leaves them incontinent.  (It’s called fistula.)  Not only this, but following the formation of this hole (during long, painful and obstructed labors) these women are also forced to live with the engulfing holes of grief and shameful rejection, since their babies die during the labor and then their husbands leave them and their communities shun them.  Can you imagine this?  I cannot.

My own labor was obstructed, with my umbilical cord wrapped twice around my son’s neck.  But I had the most quality care you can imagine – in a hospital with a midwife, a team of physicians, my husband by my side.  Two hours after an emergency c-section I was holding my sweet baby and in recovery, my husband still by my side.

The dance sketch I’m posting today is just the surface of the beginning of a movement idea inspired by the women in Ethiopia seeking healing from fistula.  It doesn’t begin to do justice to the  nightmare these women face, but I am thankful there ARE people out there bringing justice to it.  And hope.  Healing Hands of Joy is an organization working to give these women a second chance.  Following the surgery that cures them, fistula patients can receive counseling to address the shame and empowering education and training to become an ambassador in their community to eradicate this condition.  Please take some time to look into this very just cause and consider giving a donation to help them with their mission:  http://healinghandsofjoy.com/

Healing Hands of Joy is working to give these women the closest thing to what we all want, right?

To be whole.

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