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It’s hard to imagine the world without colors…colors give dimension, they give animation, beauty, even meaning…they are among the first things we learn to identify when we’re young…
Not long ago, my husband Mike performed in a showcase presentation of the musical The Giver, based on the novel by Lois Lowry, with music by Scott Murphy and lyrics by Nathan Christensen.  The story takes place in a community where its people do not see in color, where sameness is valued above all else.  I found the work of Scott and Nathan hauntingly beautiful and perfectly fitting the story, so I was inspired to create a little dance sketch to Colors, one of the songs in the musical.  As you may have guessed, this song is sung by the main character in the story as he is discovering and naming colors.
I taught and filmed this little dance the day before I went into labor with my son.  I suppose the song will have new meaning for me as I begin to see colors through the eyes of my little one as he grows…I hope you enjoy it.  It’s danced by three of my favorite dancers:  Arletta Anderson, Heidi Brewer and Elinor Evans.  As previously mentioned, the music is by Scott Murphy and the lyrics by Nathan Christensen.  Colors is sung by Matt Caplan.

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