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I’m starving.  How many times have you used this phrase?  I’m guilty of using it myself.  Why do I say guilty? Well because are we ever truly starving? Have we ever been consistently deprived of food or drink? There are many people in our world whose answer to those two questions is sadly yes.  And I’ve often wondered how this must feel.   I know I have felt what I would call ravenous and thought I could feel my stomach beginning to eat itself.  But to be truly deprived of food for long periods of time…the stomach must really be nibbling away at itself, corroding, grinding…going from a largish, soft balloon-like container to a tiny, brittle shell-like one.  What must this feel like?

Not only did this thought inspire a brief dance phrase, danced by the lovely Melissa Wilhoit Lugo, it also propels me to take what action I can to combat the injustice of hunger being suffered by the impoverished of our world.  Sponsoring a child through WorldVision is one tangible way I can do that.  I love that my mere $1/day will go directly to funding safe water, healthy food and education for a child that I can hear from personally.  I encourage you to check out their website and see what you think.  There are people fighting injustice, empowering the poor, feeding the hungry.  Thank you WorldVision!

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