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Those Days

You know those days right? The ones you just long to spend on the couch…and maybe you do.  Well I’ve been thinking about my couch a lot lately.  We’re about to purchase a new one (a much anticipated event), and I am already looking forward to lounging on it with a movie streaming on the television (if that will even be possible with a 7-month old in my care!), curling up on it with a book, taking a rest in the sunlight that streams through our windows…and just plain enjoying the (hopeful) coziness of it!

But recently, I saw an article in the Brooklyn Courier that put a new perspective on my couch.  It was about an organization called You Gotta Believe.  This organization exists to find adoptive parents for young people who will soon be aging out of the foster care system, in order to save them from potential homelessness.  I learned on their website that over half of New York City’s homeless population have reported spending significant portions of their childhood in the foster care system and nearly 1,000 young people are discharged from foster care each year, many with nowhere to go to call home and no one supporting them.  You Gotta Believe has a specific model they use in looking for parents for these young people, and I find their efforts inspiring.

Now, I know a couch in and of itself doesn’t equal safety.  But this week I see it as a symbol of just that.  A common object in a home, if you have one – a place to rest, laugh, cuddle and enjoy the company of those you live with.  I’m very thankful for mine! And I’m lifting up in prayer all the young people aging out of foster care this year and the efforts underway to find them couches…I mean homes.

Enjoy this fun little dance, performed on my couch by Arletta Anderson.


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