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Do you love your home?  I don’t…but I’m choosing to like it.  As 2011 draws to its close tonight, I’m forcing myself to be thankful for my home, with its oppressive midday light and heat, the thunderous noise from the neighbors above, only one bedroom and all the unpredictable mishaps of living in a large building in NYC.  You see, it also has the most amazing superintendent you could ask for, heat, light, space enough and running water…and an elevator to boot…luxury actually.  Most of all it contains the two people I hold most dear on this earth, my husband and son.

I find myself thinking of all the people in this world without a home at all, or all the people in Brooklyn struggling to find affordable places to live.  I find myself humbled by all I have and challenged to look outward, to be more of an advocate for others needs than consumed with my own wants.  I find myself inspired by organizations such as Brooklyn Jubilee, who truly serve and fight for people in need of social and economic justice…for people in danger of unfairly losing their homes or benefits.

Brooklyn Jubilee began as a free legal clinic working alongside a food pantry, but it is obvious to me that it is not merely an organization dispensing advice, it is one loving individuals by meeting tangible needs.  I was sincerely moved by a recent email the director, Sandhya Boyd, sent asking for a volunteer to personally accompany a client to the public assistance office in order to help her file some necessary papers that would return to her the benefits unfairly taken from her.  You can read more details on the Brooklyn Jubilee Blog.  But basically, because of Brooklyn Jubilee‘s help, most of this woman’s benefits are being returned and others are still being fought for, which means she will hopefully be able to remain in her home with her children and provide for them.  Because of Brooklyn Jubilee‘s help, she will hopefully be able to call the roof over her head home and not fear eviction.

One year ago, I posted a little movement phrase danced by Ciara Collins-Atkins on my then stoop (entitled Yo-yos).  I thought it a fitting dance for this post, as a stoop leads to the door of the home, the place with the roof I’m thankful for. And I’m thankful for all the stoops Brooklyn Jubilee is helping to preserve for those in need.  Please visit their website, www.brooklynjubilee.org, to learn more and make a contribution, if you feel led to do so.

Happy New Year from my Stoop to yours!

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