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Alert!  There’s been an alien invasion.  Tiny, invisible aliens inside clear glass vessels, ignited with heat, suctioned themselves onto my legs and back.  After sending their beams beneath my skin to lock onto the unrelenting knots my muscles had turned into, they began to draw the tension out in an effort to restore blood flow.  I had welcomed this mission, led by my acupuncturist, wholeheartedly.  And as I lay there imagining restored energy moving through years of tightness like a river, a dance naturally popped into my head.  The dance of a seized knot inside a muscle.  Here it is performed by the lovely Heidi Brewer in my backyard.

P.S.  Please don’t be concerned, there were no actual aliens involved.  It is an ancient procedure known in chinese medicine as cupping.  You can learn more at my acupuncturist’s website:  www.essential-well.com


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