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Thinking about bondage this week and all the areas in which I desire to experience freedom could have left me discouraged, but instead has left me hopeful.  This is due to possibly the most free person I know, my friend Ji-Eun Kim.  Ji might not call herself free in the physical sense because she is limited by cerebral palsy, but I have not once known her to allow that limitation to rule her life.  In fact, I know her as the life of the party – one of the most social people I know who may actually possess the best sense of humor around.  And though she must struggle with daily frustrations, I’ve never heard her complain.  In fact, every time I ask her how I can be praying for her, her response is “for me to believe in God’s promises”.  And that’s the clincher for me – what makes me certainly declare Ji as the most inspiring person in my life.  She is defined not by what she is bound to, but by who will release those bonds.  Now that’s freeing!

This week’s video is a little weave dance, performed by my friends Ji-Eun Kim and Melissa Wilhoit Lugo.


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Tonight I experienced a new process – the green screen.  You may remember that two months ago I was so moved by my friend Megan’s artwork, it led me to create a small dance phrase, which I posted on this blog (Writings On My Mind, February 14).  Well, Megan thought we should find a way to super-impose the dance over the art and asked if I was game.

Of course!  However, admittedly my knowledge on the how-to being fairly limited, we sought another’s advice.  Enter Tom Eaton.  Tom is not only a friend of ours, but also an animator with just the skill we needed to bring this vision to reality.

After some minimal preparations, mainly involving Megan acquiring and installing on her studio wall some green fabric, we gathered together to refilm the dance phrase – this time in front of our homemade green screen.  Tom will then “key out” the green and drop in Megan’s artwork, thus giving us our own little  graphic art  video.  Not only was it fun to have an opportunity to rework the movement I had created, but there is also suspense in the anticipation of a brand new creation out of it.

This anticipation reminds me how important it is to stay tuned in to the artistic vision I’ve been given, for nothing enables me to grow and move forward more than focus and intention.  Staying tuned in leads me to find and create new episodes.  I thank my fellow artists Megan, Tom and Jess for this reminder tonight.  Nothing has to be stagnant – new life is ready to be breathed into everything…I just have to tune in.

Ok, so stay tuned for Writings Converged, but for now here is Writings On My Mind – Part 2, the dance phrase filmed in front of our actual green screen, performed by Jessica Anthony.

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