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For the past two years I have had the joy of working for Omala, a shop in my neighborhood specializing in beautiful yoga apparel & activewear made out of wonderously soft bamboo.  Today, Omala closed it’s shop doors in order to focus on building the brand online.  Though I am a bit sad to say good-bye to this stint in my life, I am grateful for the gifts it brought me — namely the reminder to smile and laugh, to be fearless, to go with the flow and yes, to breathe.

This little movement sketch is my tribute to Omala — performed by my co-worker and friend, Suzy Obuck.

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Ah the newness of spring.  This first burst of the fresh season has given me the will to address the heaviness I’ve been wearing.  Heaviness of mud, as though I’ve been drenched in it and instead of rinsing it off as it poured on, I allowed it to accumulate and began wallowing in it…

Well no more wallowing.  The sunshine reminded me how deeply I need to be clean in order to move forward with a spring in my step.  So wash away dark mud before you become a dry, permanent burden.

This phrase, performed by Jessica Anthony, is the beginning of my exploring this idea with movement…

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Make space for the new…in your schedule, in your mind, in your fridge…but most importantly, in your closet.  Not long ago I worked up the strength (yes it took strength) to go through all my clothes and give away what no longer fit or felt good, even if it was a special piece from my past.  I had come to see that every time I opened my closet, I was confronted with who I thought I should be instead of contentment with who I am…how stifling this was!

Thus began the process of liberation from the old, leaving me space for the new.  In honor of this, I created a little closet dance, performed by Heidi Brewer.

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Do you ever feel you’ve become a shadow of yourself?  Flat, without substance, exaggerated, dark and eternally attached physically while being detached otherwise…

As I contemplate this obscure image, my mind keeps whispering, “simply turn and face the light.”  After all, if my shadow is cast from my body intercepting the rays from the source of light, it stands to reason that facing that source will bring me into the freedom of wholeness.

So why is it so difficult to turn around?

“Shadows” is danced by the beautiful Ciara Collins-Atkins.

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