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The luxurious bath I take on Sundays following my acupuncture appointment, the fresh flowers in a pitcher on my kitchen table (which I allow myself to buy as a reward for self-discipline during the week) and reminding myself that my circumstances right now are simply pieces in a larger puzzle I’m putting together – leading to the realization of the vision I’ve been given – and not the final outcome of all my dreams and pursuits thus far…

These are the happy pills I’m currently taking, which stir up some much needed sunshine laying dormant in my soul during this busy, and sometimes heavy, winter season.  Oh! did I mention my Wednesday dose – the sweet 6-month old nephew I have the honor of watching who reminds me to give into the joy of kicking my feet and giggling?

What are your happy pills?

While you think that over watch this week’s movement, danced by Jessica Anthony & Heidi Brewer.


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Recently I attended an open studio of an artist friend of mine, Megan Prince, to see her new installation piece Writings on the Wall (pictured below).

The piece is impressive and as I did my best to take it in, I couldn’t help but think about the millions of words I perceived to be inside each line of string.  Words I wouldn’t be able to read.  And what if those were the words  I need to make sense out of the threads of emotion which often threaten to overwhelm me and which I always make a futile effort to decipher? Moreover the hundreds of strings of these hidden explanations were overlapped and taught, mirroring to me the sometimes frenzied thoughts I find impossible to separate or articulate.

For me these strings & nails were waves of code installed on the walls of my heart and mind.  What Megan intended the piece to symbolize I have not asked her, for my interpretation was so strong a dance came to me in my dreams that night as I slept:

A lone woman, barefoot & dressed in a white tunic with long, dark hair hanging disheveled around her, performed a phrase inside a spotlight with Writings on the Wall enlarged 20 times behind her…this is what she danced.

Dancer – Jessica Anthony

By Megan Prince

Writings On The Wall, 92x135x1, string and nails


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When your senses are assaulted by the overpowering smell of chicken frying, it’s quite difficult to concentrate on your work (and incidentally ends your desire to eat fried chicken ever again), I discovered this week.  The office of Armitage Gone! Dance, where I’m currently working, is located in close proximity to one of those fast food chicken places, hence the smell.  This has made me contemplate the result of heating breaded chicken in hot oil at a high temperature – in a word, crispy…and quick!

I’m sure you can enlighten me with all the variations on the result, but basically this encapsulates my week.  I ended each day feeling pretty crispy, having gone from one commitment to another with a lot to absorb and accomplish in a short amount of time and hardly any rest in between.  The only thing keeping me tender on the inside was the soothing rain of positive people surrounding me.

For this week’s video, therefore, I asked two dancers, Jessica Anthony and Heidi Brewer, to improvise on the image of rain with the texture of crispy fried chicken – this is our resulting duet.   Enjoy!

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