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Yo-yos…This past month I’ve been thinking about them.  How the device itself doesn’t change with the ups & downs, spin arounds or push & pulls – or even during the stagnant time spent away in some drawer.  It is perfectly content to roll with whatever its owner has decided for it…or is it?  When the string gets stuck or uncooperative, is that its tiny revolt?

Well anyway, the nature of my life, being an artist married to an artist off on a national tour, has become somewhat like a yo-yos – my head & heart dangling by a thread while being wound around and looped in/out/up/down by the whims of my circumstances – or wrapped in stillness awaiting the next ride.

Stability, in the physical or professional (and sometimes emotional) sense just isn’t a part of normal for us.  But that’s okay…we have our tiny revolts too & hey! it can be exciting living like a yo-yo – as long as we hold onto what is true and unchangeable.

Here is my moving musing on yo-yos, danced by Ciara Collins-Atkins on my stoop.

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